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The Clockwork Marketing Team

Clockwork Marketing is a family-owned Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Internet Marketing and business development based in Kent.

From the seaside town of Herne Bay, our team has always wanted to provide services to those individuals looking to improve their quality of life – be it in their personal or professional domain.

With a professional history in customer service, client success and online management, here at Clockwork we work with our clients to develop their online ambitions into reality. Check out our services here.

We partnered with Zedcomms Ltd. in 2020 to mirror their amazing services in North Yorkshire, down here in the South East.

A Marketing Company in Herne Bay, Kent

George Adams

Owner of Clockwork Marketing
Owner of Clockwork Marketing

My passion for business ignited when I was a teenager. After 8 years of studying, developing and working, I am now embarking on my own journey to help business’ achieve their online vision.

I was working with Government Departments to meet the GDPR deadline and criteria when I was 18. At 19, I was sponsored by clients to represent my employer in Oklahoma, USA. I was given the opportunity to digitally up-skill the staff of 30 stores for a major retailer in the UK when I turned 20. At 21 I completed my Business BSc at Canterbury Christ Church University.

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