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Who we work with | Clockwork Marketing is based in Herne Bay, Kent. We are working with a Fish and Chip shop in Herne Bay to build online communications with the business customers. Our customer is developing their business online reputation and social media marketing to engage better with its established customer base and communicate with prospective new customers.

75% of consumers have used Facebook to decide which restaurant they’ll eat at.

According to Social Media Monthly, 75% of consumers have used Facebook to decide which restaurant they’ll eat at. This is consistent with numbers across several other social media channels. The influence of social media on purchasing and dining decisions is only rising higher with every passing day. A fish and chip shop status on Facebook, therefore, is important.

More than 93% of people claim that the visual appearance of a product influences their purchasing decision.

We all look in the window of a restaurant, a fish and chip shop to see how busy is it, is it inviting and clean, does it look welcoming. That’s, in part, how we make a decision whether or not to visit. The same applies online, maybe more so.

The use of hashtags alone can increase engagement by 12.7%.

Hashtags get our social media content, things we are saying online, into a conversation we want to be in. So, it is recommended to use a hashtag to ‘tag’ what your subject matter is about and use the best and most active hashtags at the time. Hashtags for fish and chip shops will be mostly based on the location and #fishandchips.

71% of people say they’re more likely to recommend a company that responds quickly to them on social media.

An opportunity to engage with our customers online. Clockwork Marketing manages your social media communications for you to engage with your customers.

Family Owned and Operated Fish and Chip Shops and Restaurants.

In the 21st Century, many businesses are family owned independents, some 2nd and 3rd generation and are the focal point of many communities.

Collectively these businesses use 10% of the UK’s potato crop and 30% of all white fish sold in the UK and the industry generates a turnover of around ¬£1.2 billion every year. A total of 62% of fish sold in fish and chip shops is cod and 25% is haddock. 90% of shops use FAS fillets – these fish are caught by large modern trawlers operating in carefully managed fishing grounds in the icy, clear Arctic waters of the Barents Sea and North Atlantic, caught by Icelandic, Norwegian, Russian and Faroese vessels. Stringent, science-based and strictly enforced regulations have ensured good management of cod and haddock stocks in these waters, and the catches from this area account for 97% of the total Northern Hemisphere cod quota.

Online Reputation Management. We manage your e-reputation, the reputation of your company, person, product on the Internet and digital platforms. A company online reputation is impacted by the content an organisation distributes, the reactions of and interactions with web users, customers and prospective customers online on social networks, etc. Online Reputation Management manages your reputation online, of course, but this service provided by Clockwork Marketing also helps build your brand, company recognition and market your company better.

Social Media Marketing for Businesses. We set up and manage your Social Media Marketing for you based on your requirements. Social media marketing is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers. Your customers are already interacting online through social media, and if you’re not speaking directly to your audience through social platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, you’re missing out! Great marketing on social media can bring remarkable success to your business, building brand advocates and communication with that perfect customer.

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