Misconceptions of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Misconceptions of Social Media Marketing

Different Social Media Apps

I’m not getting any leads through my socials. Why should I bother posting?

The misconceptions of social media being a conventional marketing channel is common. Of course, I’m not going to sit here and tell you no companies receive leads through their socials – some do. However, the real reason why you should continue updating your socials will surprise you.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube. These are just a handful of social media websites that have become household names. Each follows the same principles, with slightly different applications.

But do I need to be on all these websites?

You might think some of these websites may not be suitable for your own business online, and you may be right. A local bakery will likely thrive more on Facebook, engaging with local communities, rather than the more corporate-focused Linkedin.

Even if you develop engaging content on the most suitable platforms, what’s the point if no-one is getting in touch to book with you? Often when we post on our personal social accounts, we are only thinking about our personal friends and connections. With your business there is another player that will always be watching – Google.

Facebook and Twitter pages are treated like any other pages in our web index, and so if something occurs on Twitter or occurs on Facebook and we’re able to crawl it then we can return that in our search results.

Google, 2014

Now I didn’t mean for that last part to sound like Google is some sort of social media stalker. Google is forever crawling through websites in a bid to perfect its search rankings.

Having Google watching your activity online, be it a post with 100 likes or none at all, adds up. Regularly keeping as many of your social media accounts alive and active will give Google’s invisible robots something to talk about (metaphorically speaking, unfortunately they don’t actually talk).

In 2018, Hootsuite conducted a study that confirmed the suspicions of social media having an impact on SEO (search engine optimisation) and rankings.

So what does this mean for my business online?

In laymen’s terms, everything that your company posts online will be included when deciding how high to push your business’ social pages and company website in people’s Google searches. Higher rankings and a better SEO means that there is more chance of potential customers viewing your company online.

Next time you push out a fantastic post on your social accounts, only to find that no-one has reached out to you, remember that no content truly goes to waste online. As long as you focus on creating and sharing content on your socials, this will always feed back into your business online.

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