Social Media Marketing

7-tips Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Here are 7 Social Media Marketing Tips

Almost all businesses should be represented and be involved with social media. Social Media is where prospective and current customers are. Below is a helpful guide to get started.

1 – Set up the most popular first; Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

2 – Don’t over commit to too many accounts, one step at a time.

3 – Hook up your smartphone with the apps to allow easy updates and engagements.

4 – Link your website and blog to Social Media so when you publish the new information is republished on the linked Social Media platform.

5 – Invest in packages like Hootsuite that allows you to schedule posts and edit multi-platforms on your smartphone, tablet and computer. There is a free version too.

6 – Embed your Social Media to your home page – this shows your visitors (and search engines) you are active.

7 – Keep it up to date. Set aside a little time to check and update.

I hope this is helpful | George Adams